VIET SING International Production and Trading Company Limited

About Viet Sing

Viet Sing was established in 2014. It is an enterprise operating mainly in the field of Production and Trading in paper industry hygiene products (including baby diapers, adult diapers and feminine sanitary napkins), cosmetics and hygiene products. Viet Sing is a member of DND Brothers International Healthcare System.

Viet Sing – Aspiration for clean diapers for Vietnamese children

With strengths and experience in the medical field, Viet Sing has incorporated medical technology applications into the production of consumer goods with the desire to provide the community with high-quality and safe healthcare products.
At Viet Sing, we understand that the commitment to safety and peace of mind for consumers can only be completed when all elements that make up a paper industry hygiene product are guaranteed. From the application of knowledge and experience in the medical field to the manufacturing of products, raw materials and equipment, everything must adhere to the set standards to manufacture high-quality and safe products for users.

Viet Sing – Medical standard products

To achieve this, Viet Sing has boldly invested in building the first factory to meet GMP WHO standards in the field of paper industry hygiene in Vietnam, manufacturing and controlling according to GMP “Good Manufacturing Practices” standards. In addition, Viet Sing’s products are applied Nano Silver technology. Thanks to the application of this technology, 650 viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites can be killed within minutes, the products are able to resist many pathogens, safe and non-irritating when in contact with the skin.
The input materials are selected and imported by us from reputable units in the United States and Japan to ensure quality and transparency of origin.

A safe and qualified source of raw materials is a necessary condition but not enough to manufacture high-quality paper industry hygiene products but combined with an advanced production line system. Being equipped with modern technology of the United States along with a strictly controlled production process, each finished product is like a brick containing the manufacturer’s dedication that Viet Sing uses to build trust with consumers.

Viet Sing – Parents are assured that their baby is always protected

Besides, Viet Sing also always focuses on creating emotional values, meeting the needs of consumers’ hearts. At Viet Sing, we believe that: it’s not only about providing paper industry hygiene products but also providing more new values. The added values that Viet Sing brings to consumers are convenience – comfort when using qualified products – safe for the skin and especially peace of mind and trust when the health of loved ones and family is assured. It is the connection from the manufacturer’s heart to the consumer’s heart that Viet Sing is implementing.


The 20,000m2 factory meeting GMP WHO standards in the field of paper industry hygiene in Vietnam.

Located at: Xuan Lam Industrial Cluster, Xuan Lam Ward, Thuan Thanh Town, Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam.

Synchronous infrastructure including a system of modern workshops, warehouses and offices.

System of advanced equipment and production lines imported from Japan and the United States.


Premium imported raw materials

Our raw materials are carefully selected to ensure hygiene and safety criteria. Our 100% premium raw materials are imported from USA, Japan and Korea.

Modern machinery and equipment line system

We own a system of advanced equipment and production lines imported from Japan and the United States.

We have coordinated in implementing scientific research projects, applying modern technologies such as silver Nano technology to production for manufacturing healthy and environmentally friendly products.

A team of skilled and high-quality engineers

We select a team of highly skilled professionals who are passionate about their work. Professional and technical training for officers and employees are regularly organized. Building a cohesive and sustainable staff for accompanying and developing together.

Production in a WHO GMP Standard Factory

All Viet Sing products are manufactured in the first GMP WHO factory in the field of paper industry hygiene in Vietnam.

Meeting the strict requirements of infrastructure, auxiliary works, machinery and equipment, human resource and production processes … to ensure a closed cycle built according to standards.

Application of Silver Nano technology to create a sterile environment

Nano Silver is capable of killing 650 types of bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites.

Friendly and safe for the skin. Especially safe for newborns and infants.

Nationwide distribution system

Viet Sing has built a nationwide distribution system:

  • Traditional stores, mother and baby stores
  • E-commerce: Tiki, Lazada, Shopee, Tiktok
  • Export to international markets: USA, Japan, Canada, Myanmar



Create sustainable values for customers and community through consulting, support, healthcare activities, making contribution to building a healthy and prosperous life.

Become one of the leading suppliers of high-end FMCG products in Vietnam and the region. Create sustainable values for customers and community through consulting, support, healthcare activities, making contribution to building a healthy and prosperous life.


For customers

Viet Sing commits to bring the best consumer products and medical services with love, enthusiasm and responsibility to the social community. Because your health is our mission!

For employees

Build a friendly, professional, dynamic, creative and humane working environment for everyone to reach their full potential. Facilitate high income and equitable development opportunities for all employees.

For the social community

Harmonize corporate benefits with social benefits; actively contribute to community-oriented activities, demonstrating the sense of civic responsibility and national pride.




Create unique value to develop and apply advanced medical technology to FMCG industry, protect consumer health right in daily life.



Be honest and sincere in all production and business activities. Consistently strive to fulfill commitments on products and services, build sustainable trust with customers.



Respect the law and observe professional ethics and social ethics at the highest standards.



Actively participate in charity activities and social work for the health and sustainable development of the community.

Vietnamese identity

Vietnamese identity

Elevate Vietnamese brands with hig-quality products of international standards.